Last To Leave VR Wins $20,000

8 Ιούν 2019
59 156 857 προβολές

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  • Lol

    Angela Luesse-ScudderAngela Luesse-ScudderΠριν ώρα
  • c'mon chandler you do it in the next challenge

    Asha IyerAsha IyerΠριν 2 ώρες
  • Chandler and Chris are my favorits!!

    Kaylee RutledgeKaylee RutledgeΠριν 2 ώρες
  • aww i feel soooo bad

    zoe saenzzoe saenzΠριν 3 ώρες
  • Chandlers predictions are on point

    XTRAClipZz 1XTRAClipZz 1Πριν 5 ώρες
    • And jake

      XTRAClipZz 1XTRAClipZz 1Πριν 5 ώρες
  • is this safe? xD

    Noah MoonNoah MoonΠριν 5 ώρες
  • Poor chandler

    Luis GarciaLuis GarciaΠριν 7 ώρες
  • Mr beast I’m also a web

    Zayaan AliZayaan AliΠριν 7 ώρες
  • I watched the other videos seeing chandler win but i am so sad watching the black and white vid lol!!!! 🥺🥺🥺

    Ma. Sofia AlbertoMa. Sofia AlbertoΠριν 10 ώρες
  • YES...I mean oh no for chandler

    Xskullslasher5Xskullslasher5Πριν 11 ώρες
  • go chandler

    kyle mondakyle mondaΠριν 12 ώρες
  • Beat saber and Superhot was the first games i ever play in VR

    Melina WMelina WΠριν 12 ώρες
  • I love beat saber😍

    Melina WMelina WΠριν 12 ώρες
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    GlobalklausGlobalklausΠριν 14 ώρες
  • i thought this was about vr

    Kian WilliamsKian WilliamsΠριν 14 ώρες
  • Danny i don’t think they have a mom?

    Elnad DubricElnad DubricΠριν 14 ώρες
  • What If one of them stays there for a week?!

    Steve EltonSteve EltonΠριν 15 ώρες
  • poor Chandler

    Luke Gabriel BendanaLuke Gabriel BendanaΠριν 16 ώρες
  • You should have a prize for the person who has lost the most challenges lol

    Jessica LorraineJessica LorraineΠριν 18 ώρες
  • In the sand pit challenge I just starting crying Bc I feel bad

    Alexandra ArcherAlexandra ArcherΠριν 18 ώρες
  • I kinda feel bad to chandler

    Ink IncInk IncΠριν 21 ώρα
  • Atleast Chandler won an island

    Pranav DattaPranav DattaΠριν 22 ώρες
  • yes

    SandbyteSandbyteΠριν 23 ώρες
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    ameer kofahiameer kofahiΠριν 23 ώρες
  • Por chan chan

    Goo BassGoo BassΠριν ημέρα
  • 6:39 viking was waaaay ahead of the times...

    HykaliaHykaliaΠριν ημέρα
  • Le me, spending 2 days in VR chat without stop

    MacziMacziΠριν ημέρα
  • ngl 2:17 looks kinda dope

    The Chromebook GamerThe Chromebook GamerΠριν ημέρα
  • Hi

    Finn-god NoFinn-god NoΠριν ημέρα
  • chandlerrrr :(

    Elena LiElena LiΠριν ημέρα
  • I really want Chandler to win a challenge so I hope some of the other challenge is he gets to win it cross my fingers

    Jessica PhilippJessica PhilippΠριν ημέρα
  • For this VR thing I would just want to talk to my friends and play roblox :I

    Gacha dude :IGacha dude :IΠριν ημέρα
  • if i was there playing in vr i wouldnt stop espically on beatsaber

    AidanGaming 67AidanGaming 67Πριν ημέρα
  • poor chandler

    rudy gonzalezrudy gonzalezΠριν ημέρα
  • this Chandler kid is just a loser

    arize kingarize kingΠριν ημέρα
  • 3:24 ah yes, *Ful chage*

    Ro GamingRo GamingΠριν ημέρα
  • Tariq : list some things ur good at Chandler : I’m good at eating

    Roen ¿¿¿Roen ¿¿¿Πριν ημέρα
  • The loosing montage was sad lol

    Dylan SDylan SΠριν ημέρα
  • I’d love to participate in this gorn I get motion sick

  • Mark was playing with no fail enabled

    Mikkel MjøsMikkel MjøsΠριν ημέρα
  • i love chandler

    Samson CabreraSamson CabreraΠριν ημέρα
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    Dennis ScottDennis ScottΠριν ημέρα
  • Who's mark he's really cute. any social medias on him?

    Ricardo MartinezRicardo MartinezΠριν ημέρα
  • Chris used his ultra insticnt

    Srinivasan AnandanSrinivasan AnandanΠριν ημέρα
  • I tried to scream. But My head was under saaand...

    Tasnim AmmerjiTasnim AmmerjiΠριν ημέρα
  • I would love to see last to leave rocket league match and do infinity time. It would be awsome.

    KalmarasKalmarasΠριν ημέρα
  • I love crude

    Luke HansenLuke HansenΠριν ημέρα
  • Compilation of chandler loosing is so funny/sad

    milos Najjacimilos NajjaciΠριν ημέρα
  • can you let me in your chanleng

    Belal HanyBelal HanyΠριν ημέρα
  • hey mister best

    Belal HanyBelal HanyΠριν ημέρα
  • I would just practice rush e in beat saber until i didnt miss a note

    Millie JonesMillie JonesΠριν ημέρα
  • pls mr beast i want to have an roblox gift card :(

    Emerson GarduceEmerson GarduceΠριν ημέρα
  • :(.😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sad chandler

    Mateo ValencianoMateo ValencianoΠριν ημέρα
  • Sad chandler

    Mateo ValencianoMateo ValencianoΠριν ημέρα
  • I feel Bad for Chandler ~Show this to Chandler I Feel bad for you~

    super_ kitty567super_ kitty567Πριν ημέρα
  • I want that vr pls

    durks batdurks batΠριν ημέρα
  • who’s gabby

    Oliver BarclayOliver BarclayΠριν ημέρα
  • Wish I can compete ;-;

    thebestbendy 830thebestbendy 830Πριν ημέρα
  • How do you play custom songs of the oculus quest 2

    thebestbendy 830thebestbendy 830Πριν ημέρα
  • Hello

    Madhusudan PaudelMadhusudan PaudelΠριν ημέρα
  • Hello

    Madhusudan PaudelMadhusudan PaudelΠριν ημέρα
  • What camera are u use in mr beast please tell

    Traxxas trx trucks uk Traxxas trx trucks ukTraxxas trx trucks uk Traxxas trx trucks ukΠριν ημέρα
  • How do u spell chander probably

    Traxxas trx trucks uk Traxxas trx trucks ukTraxxas trx trucks uk Traxxas trx trucks ukΠριν ημέρα
  • Mrbeast if they lose they have to it an poop ok\

    Ramon Gabriel B. CABAMALANRamon Gabriel B. CABAMALANΠριν ημέρα
  • Someday someone will will find this comment :(

    Bishow TiwariBishow TiwariΠριν ημέρα
    • Found it

      Gabriel SantosGabriel SantosΠριν ημέρα
  • Rip Chandler 😔😔

    Deadliest GamerzDeadliest GamerzΠριν ημέρα
  • Messed up he never wins

    Angelo TorrezAngelo TorrezΠριν 2 ημέρες
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    Ethan’s Pizza RestaurantEthan’s Pizza RestaurantΠριν 2 ημέρες
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    Ethan’s Pizza RestaurantEthan’s Pizza RestaurantΠριν 2 ημέρες
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    Ethan’s Pizza RestaurantEthan’s Pizza RestaurantΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • 1:36 is mark missing a lot

    Nativeboi238Nativeboi238Πριν 2 ημέρες
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    Wendell XinosWendell XinosΠριν 2 ημέρες

    jennifer perryjennifer perryΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • so much just happend in 23 seconds

    Mythic SandMythic SandΠριν 2 ημέρες
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    Shekinah ClarkShekinah ClarkΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • It’s funny to see them wearing a mask and joking about it 😂

    Ashley ElizabethAshley ElizabethΠριν 2 ημέρες
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    Lupin CatLupin CatΠριν 2 ημέρες
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    Adrien PinardAdrien PinardΠριν 2 ημέρες

    • ?

      fabatron2000fabatron2000Πριν 2 ημέρες
  • Reminder that these are adults

    Meg the shmegMeg the shmegΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Cmon chandler you got this!

    cxcoaicxcoaiΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • beast all you want is followers and more and more viewers

    Laurenz CainesLaurenz CainesΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • i feel so bad :(

    PrimsPrimsΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • So this videos sole porpous was for chandler to win money

    Purple DonutPurple DonutΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Did Chandler vomit of camera

    The Village Kitchen cafeThe Village Kitchen cafeΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Why chandler always lose hahaha 😘😘 love you chandler😘😘😘

    Randy AntalanRandy AntalanΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Why so fast chandler 😥😥

    Randy AntalanRandy AntalanΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Favorites jimmy, Chandler, chris

    Maks SmithMaks SmithΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • dude i can do that hole day

    Ricardo SeunarineRicardo SeunarineΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • I think these challenges are againt chandler. I watched one where he got bit by a catterpillar I watched one where his sholder popped taking off a jacket I watched one where his game Crashed!!!!!

    Athena_GamesAthena_GamesΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • I would dominate in this

    HiHiΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • good thing i sub becuse i love my dogs

    Elijah RoseElijah RoseΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • 3:23 ILL EAT A LOG!

  • I felt so bad when chandler cried 😢

    Atousa aAtousa aΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • that would kill there brain and be dizzy for so many please and brain hurt it was good they where ok

    Lucas Xiao FeiLucas Xiao FeiΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • Boo boo

    Sarajean McCartySarajean McCartyΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • I wish I was in ur challenges too I dont need prize I want games

    kshitij groverkshitij groverΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • No!!!!!!!!

    Robert VerdijkRobert VerdijkΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • living in vrchat for 24 hours

    Bud BudonBud BudonΠριν 2 ημέρες
  • No chandler you can win next challenge you are the winner

    Jastine MillanJastine MillanΠριν 2 ημέρες