Standing Still For 24 Hours Straight - Statue Challenge

22 Φεβ 2019
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  • They didn’t pass on a double yellow they had the right to pass lol

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  • Why mr beast has a p in his suit

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  • Lol team jake and jake😂

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  • Mrbeast: everything good bruh

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  • 2:01 what is that on jimmys suit vest?

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  • 3:28 he was speeding but the line was broken which means he can go over it to pass

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  • world war 3 in a nutshell

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  • Before the dark times, before corona

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  • Go to Canada all there icecream machines work

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  • He lasted 2 mins

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  • I love all ur videos guys

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  • i was gonna close the vid caus it was boaring but then it changed :)

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  • Mrbeast king👑

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  • when he says to chandler 'are you eating' what do you think its chandler

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  • Legends say that the Statue was never found

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  • i have a mini car that goes as fast as a go cart

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  • I love your channel. All the best for future videos. Hope you remain healthy. (BTW, I am a channel too. Can you guys check out one of my videos?!).

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  • I'm very late but I was wondering... did Dustin ever get his half 😭😭😭😭

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  • Mrbreast 6000 oooo

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  • 1:53 is sooocringy 🤣😂

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  • i wanted to see the statue thing but no :(

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  • They do be speedrunnin dOe

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  • Ben did it ladies ohh....

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  • Liked da vid

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  • I don't have a dog...

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  • quite-r

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  • The statue challenge wasn’t interesting because Jimmy wasn’t giving away $

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  • Is the guy working with Chris that one Nerf GRworldr

    Safwan’s Daily lifeSafwan’s Daily lifeΠριν 4 ημέρες
  • I legit cracked up at the fly joke that Ben told! 🤣

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  • Love the Chris team XDDDDDDD

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  • I love your videos

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  • i just find it funny that chris and dustin are last and they are still kindda slow

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  • 6:44 hehe boi

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  • Lol I littery had the same exact car when I was a kid

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  • This was BK before Karl

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  • Weddle's face is flawless.

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  • real vid on 2:11

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  • The amount of girls Ben could’ve gotten in this challenge makes me angry

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  • did he get 5k???after sabotaging

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  • You guys have no life for this lol

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  • So u basically scammed me I

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  • so cool

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  • “Maximum overdrive” I love that quote so much from plankton

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  • Mr Beast. Your videos are awsome Loving them all😅

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  • Id lose rhe first chalenge i dont eat that shitcreme

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  • that wasn't a double yellow but OK

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  • Do people from other countries also get golden tickets?

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  • Mr beast now would be paying for wathcing

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